Don’t let the couch win this winter!!

When it comes to exercising in the winter months the dark evenings combined with the cold and rain can really turn you off leaving the house but it is important not to let all that hard work during the summer months go to waste. Maintain your exercise regime with just a few small adjustments and […]

Health & Fitness Motivation

Research relating to the benefits of exercising alone or with a friend, in a group situation or while listening to music are all very subjectable to outside influences and personal taste, in other words what is right for one person may not necessarily suit another. One size does not fit all! Through years of participation […]

Corporate Health & Wellbeing

Beneficial or Unnecessary?? It is the belief of many that corporate health and wellbeing are luxury items in any work place, but recent research shows that for the savvy and forward thinking employer health is the key! The World Health Organisation (2008) has clearly identified the workplace as an important area of action for health […]

Delano Coffee Awarded 2 Medals at Melbourne Fine Food Fair 2012

Delano coffee has won 2 Bronze medals at the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards 2012 for their house blends Divino and Alergria. This is a tough coffee competition with very few medals awarded in comparison to the number of entries submitted. Delano only submitted 2 coffees and both won medals, in the categories of Espresso […]

WMF Coffee Machines Perth

The WMF organisation has just achieved ISO 14001:2004 Certification. As well WMF machines are made lead and nickel free and the range of super Automatics are made from recycled base materials and are up to 91% recyclable. WMF also feature superior energy efficiency through smart eco operating modes, and the WMF Zero-Energy function!   Impressed […]

WMF 1200S

We have some exciting news for our coffee lovers out there. Recently our prefered brand WMF was presented with a very prestigious Peoples Choice award for their new 1200S machine. “People’s choice award at Melbourne Fine Food Fair for the most innovative and user friendly product.” Additionally the WMF corporation as a whole is the […]