Answers to questions we are commonly asked.

What makes Fresh Boost different?

It’s that simple, our service sets us apart from other Corporate Providers.

From nightshift deliveries to individual fridge milk stock rotation our systems are designed to provide seamless services. Our teams are well versed in each aspect of our service divisions to ensure they are able to assist quickly and efficiently. Fresh Boost can have your fruit, milk, dry goods and coffee beans all delivered straight into your kitchens, service your coffee machine on the way and even facilitate workplace health or injury prevention toolboxes.

Our infrastructure provides refrigerated vehicles, ecofriendly equipment, 100% product and quality guarantees and No Contract options for most service models. So we stand on the strength of our last delivery to you! But best of all Fresh Boost operates a superior service due to our secret weapon, we remember what business is all about and so for us business is simple…..
Our customers get what they want

What’s the cost?
Although the dairy industry is also under pressure our partnership with Harvey Fresh Dairies means that we are able to guarantee large quantities of product at set prices for projected periods. Perfect for annual budgets!

The cost of the particular service will depend on the number of staff you have and amount of product you require each week. Whatever the service or product our passion for delivering the best at berry competitive prices means our customers are always the winners. Call us on 1300 850 865 and we’ll tell you how to get your hands on a nice pear.

What quality of produce do you provide?

Our produce is locally sourced whenever possible which means it’s FRESH because our clients demand the very best, so we put considerable effort into ensuring that we deliver top-quality fruit and WA’s own Harvey Fresh milk backed by our 100% guarantee.

Delano Coffee- Award winning coffee. Won 2 bronze medals at the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards 2012 for Divino and Alegria.

How does it arrive?

After every piece of fruit is inspected and carefully packed into your Fresh Boost Box. Your fruit will arrive fresh, clean and tasting delicious, it’s completely normal for our clients to go bananas when their delivery arrives. All produce is packed at our Fresh Boost warehouse and delivered in our fleet of refrigerated Fresh Boost vehicles direct to your kitchen or reception area. Our friendly staff love the smiles they get when they deliver to your office. After all who doesn’t love fresh fruit, fresh milk and fresh beans all from our FRESH STAFF.

What coffee machine solution is right for my office/work place?

Fresh Boost offer a free on-location fully maintained coffee machine model or we can hire, lease or retail our range of WMF office coffee machines. The right equipment can be determined by your staff numbers and overall requirements.

See our coffee machine pages for a full range.

Do you supply coffee machines for cafés?

Fresh Boost Offer arrange of café equipment including Dalla Corte and Wega espresso machines as well as a range of grinders and coffee equipment.

See our Café page for a full range

How much product should I order?

As a general rule we suggest between 2-3 pieces of fruit per employee per week as a starting point. We recommend ordering conservatively initially and increasing the quantity or frequency of your deliveries to suit your staff eating habits. Did you know that an annual investment of as little as $68 per staff member* could have such positive effects?

We can stock milk and coffee beans to a Par level. This system was specifically designed to assist clients to avoid the requirements of counting stock and predicting their consumption. Once set a Par quantity can be followed by our delivery staff to ensure clients do not over order or run out of stock.

Is my order flexible?

Of course! We are only too happy to customise your order to suit the particular preferences of your staff. Changing quantities, varieties, pausing deliveries or redirecting to new premises are all easily managed via our integrated online database at no additional cost! All you need to do is enjoy our delicious produce and fantastic service. Give us a call to discuss your specific requirements. Take note that ordering African paw paw or Brazilian mangoes in the dead of winter may affect the price!

What days and times do you deliver?

Most deliveries are Mondays and Wednesdays although if your workplace requires more attention our vehicles are on the road right through the week. Deliveries are made from 7am and are usually completed by midday. Orange you glad you asked?

Nightshift deliveries are available where access is permitted and means all your stock is ready and waiting for your staff to arrive in the morning.

If your workplace complex is spread over a large area or a number of floors, we can easily arrange to have your order split into several boxes and sent to any number of delivery points to cater for the staff at that location. We offer a range of options to ensure that your preferences and budget don’t go pear-shaped, and YES delivery is FREE.

Do I have to sign any type of contract?

Short answer: NO! we stand on the strength of our last delivery to you, just give us two business days’ notice prior to delivery for any changes you want to make. She’ll be apples!

Who does Fresh Boost support?

As sponsors of Hannah’s House- Children’s Respite Centre and Retina Australia WA – Fighting Blindness Fresh Boost makes both monetary and in kind donation to support events throughout the year. We’d love to hear that your organisation might like to support these charities or any others too, so please be in touch. Nature has its way of creating us uniquely, fruit too! Any fruit that does not make our high standards due to imperfection as well as all our left over milk is donated to The Salvation Army Family Support Unit every single week. To date our donations have just exceeded $500,000 since inception. Some staff at Fresh Boost were sourced by Workability; a government funded entity that assists in the placement of moderately disabled people, incredibly loyal and hard working staff members are part of our Fresh Boost family!

At Fresh Boost our fruit makes you feel good in lots of ways!

So how do I order?

Complete our online enquiry form, Email or call us on 1300 850 865 to talk to us about getting started. Try our Fresh Boost delivery twice and you’ll be a fresh service addict too! We will be happy to set up a standing order for you.

Go on, call us now and you’ll start feeling healthier just as soon as you pick up the phone!

How do I pay?

Our systems are as flexible as a ripe banana, just ask. Invoices and statements are sent monthly by email as PDF files unless otherwise requested. You can make payment by:

• Direct deposit to our account

• Post us a cheque to: PO Box 322, Morley, 6943

• Credit Card

Please include your Fresh Boost invoice number to assist our accounts department.