No two workplaces are the same.  Nor do they have the same needs.  That’s why we’ve been busy beans working out the best coffee provision models for you!  Take a look at our three options below and contact us to find out more. We recommend the best commercial coffee machines.

Free On Location – only a mug would miss this offer!

For offices that want an even simpler coffee solution, without the servicing headaches.

You can install one of our free on location, state of the art coffee machines today and enjoy free deliveries of award winning coffee beans. You will also benefit from free installation, free maintenance, prompt attention to any servicing issue and a free demo on pay per cup models.

No contracts, no service fees and no risk!

Fresh Boost offers two levels of FOL service, Economy and First Class. Both models provide the following benefits;

  • Free coffee machine and mini fridge installed at your location (training included)
  • Choice of coffee machine types (consumption dependant)
  • Choice of 3 coffee bean roasts
  • Free break down and maintenance attention – enduring warranty
  • 100-150 cups coffee FREE (service level dependant)
  • Total cost written off as an expense rather than depreciate an asset

Economy model Deal 1

  • WMF800 + mini fridge free
  • $65 p/week min fee which includes 100 cups coffee
  • Flat rate of $0.65 p/cup after first 100

Economy model Deal 2

  • WMF1000Pro S + mini fridge free
  • $85 p/week min fee which includes 100 cups coffee
  • Flat rate of $0.70 p/cup after first 100


  • Client buys cleaning consumables (approx. $0.62 p/day)
  • Client performs weekly machine cleaning
  • Beans delivered beginning of each month
  • 6 month agreement period

First Class model

First Class Deal

You drink coffee….we do everything else!

What’s included?

  • Supply of one WMF800 or WMF1000Pro S machine in great working order
  • Supply of one accompanying mini fridge (chills to 4degs)
  • Weekly or Bi-weekly maintenance and cleaning by Fresh Boost staff
  • All cleaning consumables and any parts required EVER (unless damaged by client)
  • All the coffee beans used in the machine (EVER)
  • The first 150 cups of coffee each week- included
  • Swap out and replacement of the machine in the event it is not functioning and cannot be immediately repaired on site.


  • Costs are calculated on rate per cup.
  • The higher the total cup count p/week the lower the cost per cup gets.
  • Minimum cost p/week $150 + Gst – includes first 150 cups

Lease options

Our operating lease options (sometimes called long term rentals) provide you with state of the art equipment at an affordable monthly price.
Many organisations prefer to rent technology based assets with the view of upgrading them at the end of the original term.
This provides flexibility should circumstances or requirements change as well as tax advantages for your business. As well you can forecast your budget for the term of the lease so you know what you will be paying and when.
Benefits of Leasing equipment:

  • No major capital investment
  • Rental payments may be viewed as 100% tax deductible
  • Match expense of equipment with benefit as derived by use over time
  • Ability to incorporate all costs of a Technology Environment, including: Hardware, Software, Warranties, Maintenance and Service Contracts
  • Flexibility payments may be viewed as an operating expense eliminating the need to record the liability of transactions in the capital account
  • Improved management of the Technology Environment and the associated costs

The tax deductible aspect of equipment leasing is one of the most attractive features that influence most companies to adopt this method.


Outright Purchase

Any of our equipment can be purchased outright. A range of maintenance packages are available as well as all required machine consumables from cleaning solutions and tablets to coffee beans.