Enjoying coffee is an exquisite experience, and every aspect of its preparation contributes to the unique taste of every cup. Every pair of hands your coffee passes by adds to its characteristics and flavour. Our contribution to this world consuming phenomena has been the development of a range of roasts that continue to contribute well after they have been ground and extracted. The moments that bring people, conversation and memories together are so often connected by the humble coffee and the productivity benefits have been known since the 15th century.

 Its no wonder we all prefer to start our work day with our colleagues, coffee mugs in hand.

Silver Fox Coffee

Fresh Boost wants the best for bean lovers. So we offer our customers the choice between many delicious Australian roasted blends and single origin beans; including multi award winning mid and dark roast blends and a delicate mix of South American beans expertly roasted. These blends offer a diverse range of flavour profiles and preferences so that there will always be something to suit the unique taste buds at your office or home. No matter what your coffee love we’ve got you covered!


Our Straight Colombian roast is by far our most popular bringing an especially smooth finish to espresso and black coffee while still balanced and pronounced with milk. A definite all rounder!

  • Origin Region: Colombia – Single Origin
  • Type: Arabica 100% all sourced from the same farmed area.
  • Cupping Notes:Ripe plum, dark chocolate, 
  • Roast Colour: Roasted medium /dark. Cherry, chocolate medium acidity.
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Roasted for the coffee drinker who wants to really enjoy their caffeine hit this blend is perfect for longer milk based coffees or as a strong distinct black and delivers full mouthed flavor with intense earth, chocolate and fruit notes. Blend #2 includes hints of Robusta coffee beans for strength and depth. Robusta, the traditional Italian bean delivers more caffeine per gram than Arabica and a more intense crema. Picked from a long list of potential roasts Blend #2 was the second crack that nailed it.

  • Origin Region:South America, Africa & Asia
  • Type: Arabica & low percentage of Robusta
  • Cupping Notes:Dark chocolate, roasted nuts, earthy & fruit notes, intense & robust
  • Roast Colour: Medium roast. Fruity, earthy, chocolate, fruit notes, bold flavour. 
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Great flavour does not have to be sacrificed to the budget. This roasts’ clever mix of beans from the international coffee stage results in strong cocoa overtones and a definite zing to finished cup. Caffeine junkies you will not be disappointed. Designed predominantly for milk based coffees

  • Origin Region:Africa, India & Asia
  • Type: Arabica & low levels of Robusta
  • Cupping Notes: Pungent, intense, robust with cocoa notes
  • Roast Colour: Medium – Dark roast
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Brazil is currently the world’s largest coffee producer delivering almost 50% of the worlds green beans . The hot and humid climate combined with Brazil’s rich soil guarantees favourable growing conditions. The low altitudes results in less acidic tasting beans compared to other coffee growing regions. This brilliant combination brings us Veludo or Velvert in Spanish due to the silky smooth finish in the cup. Expect sweetness, fruits and chocolate, expect addiction.

  • Origin Region:Central/ South America, Africa & Asia
  • Type: Blend of 4 high quality 100% Arabica beans
  • Cupping Notes: Sweet fruity currants, dark chocolate, Intense & robust
  • Roast Colour: Light to medium roast. Sweet, black currant, fruity, cocoa and bright.
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