We’re full of beans

Fresh Boost wants the best for bean lovers. So we offer our customers the choice between three delicious Australian roasted blends; including multi award winning mid and dark roast blends and a delicate mix of South American beans expertly roasted. These blends offer both certified organic and fair trade as well as sustainable and certified Rain Forrest Alliance. So no matter what your coffee ethics we’ve got you covered! You can order your coffee beand for your small or large corporate office and we will deliver throughout Perth and WA.

Fresh Boost Coffee Range

Fresh Boost offers a range of Australian mid and dark roasted 100% Arabica beans. These multi award winning blends are Rain Forest Alliance Certified and come from sustainably and environmentally managed coffee farms.

Blend 1

Award winning espresso house blend

Blend 2

Our signature darker roasted blend


100% organic. 100% Arabica. 100% perfect.




Blend 1 is the multi-award winning  house blend. Created from a mixture of origins, from Central and South America and Papua New guinea, it has a moderate and well balanced acidity.Starting with subtle milk chocolate and honey notes on the front palate This is a medium roasted full bodied coffee with a lingering dark chocolate finish. Perfect for espresso and milk based coffees.Alegria is sourced from several Rainforest Alliance Certified estates that are committed to the protection of ecosystems for the people and wildlife that depend on them.The blend features a mix of Central and South American Arabica coffee beans that are roasted medium-dark. Blend 2 has a moderate acidity, and is sweet and fruity on the front palate, while finishing with great body and well balanced chocolate and vanilla notes.Our signature organic single origin is created from 100% Arabica beans, which are certified organic and sourced from a Rainforest Alliance Certified farm in Columbia, South America.100% sundried and 100% Criollo (Arabica Typica), it is a complex but balanced medium roast coffee with a light-medium body, pronounced acidity, and is extremely aromatic with delicate fruited flavours.
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