Never run out of milk.

How often have you heard the plaintive cry, “We’re outta milk!” echoing along the office corridors?
Well despair no more; for udder convenience, we deliver WA’s favourite Harvey Fresh milk direct to your workplace in our fleet of refrigerated vehicles every week.

So now there’s no reason to ever run out, or to cry over spilt milk.

Simply choose from:

2L and 1L Lite, Full Cream and Skim
Vitasoy Original UHT
Lactose Free Milk
Jersey Girl Milk (Café Milk)
Harvey Fresh Juices
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water
Acqua Panna Still Water
Special request? Just ask us!

Our Par system helps clients to avoid the requirements of counting stock and predicting their consumption. Once set a PAR quantity can be followed by our delivery staff to ensure that clients do not over order or run out of the required stock.

Don’t settle for your milk being left outside your front door or loading dock unrefrigerated. As most milk distributors deliver during the night time milk is often left outside the office or in the loading bay for hours.

A big feature of our milk service is our fridge to fridge delivery service and stocking to PAR in EACH and EVERY fridge in your facility! WE will rotate older stock to the front of the fridge, remove soured milk and record to wastage

All for probably what you are paying now!

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